Wednesday, November 14th

11:00 a.m. - Noon

Update of Actions by the Federal Trade Commission

Topic : Legal

Legal experts discuss recent trends by the Federal Trade Commission and their impact on direct selling companies, including recent enforcement actions and the January 2018 Business Guidance concerning Multi-Level Marketing Companies. Panelists will also share their thoughts on the newly installed  FTC Commissioners and any changes companies may see in their business by the new Commission.

Thomas Cohn

Director and Senior Counsel, Sales and Marketing

New Avon LLC

John Villafranco


Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP

Meghan Rissmiller


Hogan Lovells, LLP

11:00 a.m. - Noon

Sleepless Nights in the Era of Disruption, and Finding Answers to Help Us Rest Easy: A Panel of CMOs and CSOs

Topic : Marketing

We all know them: those niggling questions that arise at 3:00 AM to rob us of sleep.  Am I addressing the full customer experience?  Are my sales resources equipping my distributors with the tools they need to succeed?  Am I measuring marketing initiatives against meaningful KPIs? Do I even understand my consumer anymore?  Today’s dynamic market has left all sales and marketing professionals – from functional area manager to c-suite leader – with these questions and more.  Join this session to learn how Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) from leading direct selling companies have developed strategies for overcoming the challenges they’ve faced so you can put their experience to work for you and your company.

Dan Macuga

Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

USANA Health Sciences, Inc.


Justin Rose

Chief Sales Officer

LifeVantage Corporation

Asma Ishaq

Chief Executive Officer


11:00 a.m. - Noon

A View from the IRS

Topic : Tax

Hear from a career IRS leader within the Small Business/Self-Employed Division about issues of concern to your individual direct sellers.  Equip your salesforce with

the tools that ensure they comply with the labyrinth of rules and regulations faced by all small businesses: good record keeping techniques, how to respond to inquiries

and audits and avoiding mistakes.The latest on Schedule C filings including office-in-the-home deductions, record keeping, business deductions, retirement incentives, recent SBSE activities that are helping small business owners and providing you with valuable information for your company and its salesforce.

Edwin Smith

Virginia Territory Manager of SBSE Exam

Internal Revenue Service

11:00 a.m. - Noon

The Biggest Challenges Facing IT Leaders Today

Topic : Technology and Operations

Driven mostly by digitization, new technologies and rapidly increasing data volumes, modern IT professionals face a growing set of challenges. Gone are the days of merely keeping the lights on and updating operating systems. Scaling and keeping pace with today’s dynamic market remains a challenge: the speed of tech advancements is running at an exponentially increasing rate making it possible that today’s next-generation technology could be obsolete before it’s even deployed. The most successful CIOs recognize that modern IT departments must deliver business value and drive innovation, and that genuinely strategic IT deployed to carry out a business strategy is the backbone of any successful business. Join this session to explore the biggest challenges facing IT departments today including:

• Using data for your competitive advantage
• Enabling consistent innovation
• Balancing security with accessibility
• Finding appropriate talent
• Merging old and new


Curt Craig

Vice President, Information Technology


Walter Noot

Chief Information Officer

USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Robert Cavitt

Chief Executive Officer



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