Code Administrator

Direct Selling Association

Mr. Jared O. Blum, Esq. serves as DSA’s Code of Ethics Administrator. Previously, he served as a member of FTC General Counsel’s office and Vice President and Legal Counsel of DSA.

Mr. Blum has over 30 years of not-for-profit management expertise. He has served both large and small associations in a variety of environments throughout his non-profit management career.

Mr. Blum has been consulted by national media, government, industry and academia regarding environmental issues and he works closely with the Federal Trade Commission on environmental claims. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the Energy and Environment Study Institute. He served as the President of the State Governmental Affairs Council, the Small Business Legislative Council and the Council of Manufacturing Associations, National Association of Manufacturers.

Mr. Blum holds a law degree from the National Law Center at George Washington University and an undergraduate degree from Boston University.