Music Licensing & Entertainment at Live Events

Music often is an integral part of conventions and meetings, whether incorporated during general sessions to support the overarching message or meeting theme, in breakouts and more.

Meeting and convention organizers may not think twice about playing a CD, connecting their iPhone or streaming from sources such as Spotify or Pandora at such an event, but the setting may subject them to liability under copyright law.

Choosing the right live entertainment can add prestige to live events, help tell your story and generate excitement and energy, sending guests home with a sparkling new attitude. After you’ve signed the perfect entertainment for your event, the work begins in earnest.

This session will explore the ins and outs of live performances including:

  • Why businesses and organizations need to be licensed to play music, what the license covers and what happens if music is used without permission
  • How to work with producers, management and artists to create a positive experience for all stakeholders – and your audience
  • How to navigate speedbumps and gotchas in contracts and performances.