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Envisioning your Future and Charting your Course: Questions and Answers

Expanding on his main stage general session presentation, Mike Walsh will help participants find new ways to compete against the market disruptors and reimagine their roles and reinvent the way they make decisions.  Participants will have their questions answered by a leading Fortune 5000 consultant with an expertise in charting company strategies for redesigning their approaches and ensuring they are primed to thrive in today’s highly dynamic market.

Seizing Our Competitive Advantage through Social Selling

Social selling on Facebook, through Messenger, on Instagram and beyond: it’s here.  While social media platforms have evolved to accommodate what we do, few direct selling companies have kept pace with these new developments.  Field training programs that empower distributors to make the most of these programs are sparse.  An even smaller number of companies have developed social selling strategies that take advantage of social media environments’ most recent evolution.  Direct selling must seize the moment or risk squandering the future of this significant opportunity.  In this session, we will:

  • Examine the roll-out of social selling on Facebook and a range of additional platforms
  • Discuss why now is our “make or break” moment for ensuring that social media can live up to its promise for the direct selling channel
  • Explore what our companies must do to make sure that social selling is accepted by the technology platforms and consumers alike.

Defeating the Disruptors and Finding Our Competitive Advantage in Our Brave New World

As the online retail threat continues to grow ever more palpable, break-through marketing initiatives that empower our distributors to build the next generation of loyal consumers is an area where direct selling can outpace the competition.  This presentation will explore the winning strategies that direct selling innovators are using to sharpen their competitive edge.  Workshop attendees will learn about new marketing approaches that companies are using to create new opportunity for themselves and their distributors.

Sleepless Nights in the Era of Disruption, and Finding Answers to Help Us Rest Easy: A Panel of CMOs and CSOs

We all know them: those niggling questions that arise at 3:00 AM to rob us of sleep.  Am I addressing the full customer experience?  Are my sales resources equipping my distributors with the tools they need to succeed?  Am I measuring marketing initiatives against meaningful KPIs? Do I even understand my consumer anymore?  Today’s dynamic market has left all sales and marketing professionals – from functional area manager to c-suite leader – with these questions and more.  Join this session to learn how Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) from leading direct selling companies have developed strategies for overcoming the challenges they’ve faced so you can put their experience to work for you and your company.