To ensure you don't miss the tax workshops below, follow this link to view the full DSA Fall Conference 2018 workshop lineup.

2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Panel

The historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has made major changes to areas of the tax code and may have an impact on your company’s independent contractors. Hear from leading experts about what your salesforce should know now and for next year’s filings.

Distributorships and Audit Red Flags: What they are, How to Spot them and Navigating the Audit Process

No one wants them, but audits are inevitable. Learn strategies from leading experts about preparation for potential audits, how to respond during an audit and how to manage the aftermath of an audit.

U.S. Supreme Court Wayfair Decision: Tax Compliance Strategies How and Now

Sales tax collection has always been an important compliance issue for direct sellers. With the recent, dramatic overturning of the physical presence standard by the US Supreme Court, changes in sale tax collection are guaranteed.  With a new nexus standard, learn how the states may change the process and your obligations and ways to stay ahead of those challenges.

A View from the IRS

Hear from a career IRS leader within the Small Business/Self-Employed Division about issues of concern to your individual direct sellers.  Equip your salesforce with

the tools that ensure they comply with the labyrinth of rules and regulations faced by all small businesses: good record keeping techniques, how to respond to inquiries

and audits and avoiding mistakes.The latest on Schedule C filings including office-in-the-home deductions, record keeping, business deductions, retirement incentives, recent SBSE activities that are helping small business owners and providing you with valuable information for your company and its salesforce.