Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Essentials

Nancy Bogart as Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the vision as well as steering the company on a day to day basis.  Founded in 2000 Nancy Bogart has brought Jordan Essentials through a name change, rebrand, and remodel of virtually every area of her company.

Nancy spends her time as a key strategist and has made significant strides to keep Jordan Essentials young, fresh and relevant.  Time split between the field, home office and her family of 6 make Nancy a key multi tasker and ability to set priorities a key characteristic for her success.  Nancy has been awarded many local and nation awards such as top 12 fastest growing company in the State of Missouri as well as a local Top 20 Woman in Business award winner.   Nancy also has a desire to empower women on their journey through her project Joy for the Journey and Family Give Projects.