Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lemongrass Spa Products

When Lemongrass Spa Founder, Heidi Leist, was pregnant with her daughter she began reading labels on her skincare, makeup and bath products and realized there were many toxins in everything she was using.

On a mission to find safer products she started creating her own bath crystals and tub teas. She and a friend hosted a girls’ night out and showed women how to make their own natural bath crystals. It was that fun-filled evening that inspired Leist to create more products and eventually provide spa experiences for women across the county.

Since those humble beginnings Leist and her mother, Karen, worked together to create products in Leist’s basement when the company first got started in the small mountain town of Bailey, Colorado. Soon thereafter, Leist’s husband, Bryan, quit his IT job to oversee software, accounting and commissions.

In 2007, Lemongrass Spa moved out of the garage to a manufacturing and distribution center in Pine, Colorado, where our home office still operates. In August 2014, a second manufacturing and distribution center opened in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

With manufacturing and distribution centers in both states, we are able to efficiently manufacture and ship to thousands of amazing Lemongrass Spa Consultants and customers across the Country!

Leist is a graduate from the University of South Dakota where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics.