Ms. Trainor is a strategic analyst and operational efficiency specialist with 12+ years of direct selling experience.  She spent the first 8 years of her direct selling career as a corporate employee for one of the top 100 largest global direct selling companies before transitioning to lead the strategic sales and operational launches of two direct selling start-ups over the next three years.

Some of the highlights of her career as a corporate employee were co-authoring and managing the successful rollout of the evolved Integrated Compensation Plan for Take Shape For Life (now OPTAVIA). Another highlight was assisting with the acquisition, purchase and transition of Lulu Avenue. This effort was highlighted both internally with the conversion of staff, operations, and inventory, as well as externally for the field in terms of communicating and teaching new business rules, compensation plan, and branding.

After the launch of the two start-ups as a corporate employee, Ms. Trainor decided to move into consulting where she now leverages her extensive skill set and experience to assist companies of all sizes. She enjoys sharing her knowledge in the areas of inventory management, support systems, compensation plans, recognition, incentives, project planning/ management, and process documentation with companies looking to create efficiencies and develop solutions.