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Building a Compliance Culture: New Strategies to Make Compliance Your Competitive Advantage

Direct selling’s personal touch – one made directly from distributor to consumer – is unique among the array of touchpoints in any go-to-market strategy. While one-to-one contact from the millions of direct sellers to individual consumers is direct selling’s greatest advantage, it also poses our greatest vulnerability: our brands’ touchpoints are more out of management’s reach than ever before. Companies can build a compliance oriented culture with a strategic balance of education, enforcement and encouragement. This session will explore how, in a world where compliance is vital to your reputation, companies can engage and empower their field to get ahead while doing the right thing.

Seizing Our Competitive Advantage through Social Selling

Social selling on Facebook, through Messenger, on Instagram and beyond: it’s here.  While social media platforms have evolved to accommodate what we do, few direct selling companies have kept pace with these new developments.  Field training programs that empower distributors to make the most of these programs are sparse.  An even smaller number of companies have developed social selling strategies that take advantage of social media environments’ most recent evolution.  Direct selling must seize the moment or risk squandering the future of this significant opportunity.  In this session, we will:

  • Examine the roll-out of social selling on Facebook and a range of additional platforms
  • Discuss why now is our “make or break” moment for ensuring that social media can live up to its promise for the direct selling channel
  • Explore what our companies must do to make sure that social selling is accepted by the technology platforms and consumers alike.

Multichannel Management: Challenge or Success – What the Research Shows

Today, few companies can increase sales without both an online and an offline route to market. In this workshop, Dr. Sandy Jap will discuss what channel benefits customers seek from online and offline channel formats, how this applies to the millennial segment, and the challenges associated with getting your organization ready for a multichannel world. Learn how multichannel strategies impact your independent contractor’s economic performance in terms of annual income, profits and sales and what types of organizational support contribute to economic performance and satisfaction.

Sleepless Nights in the Era of Disruption, and Finding Answers to Help Us Rest Easy: A Panel of CMOs and CSOs

We all know them: those niggling questions that arise at 3:00 AM to rob us of sleep.  Am I addressing the full customer experience?  Are my sales resources equipping my distributors with the tools they need to succeed?  Am I measuring marketing initiatives against meaningful KPIs? Do I even understand my consumer anymore?  Today’s dynamic market has left all sales and marketing professionals – from functional area manager to c-suite leader – with these questions and more.  Join this session to learn how Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) from leading direct selling companies have developed strategies for overcoming the challenges they’ve faced so you can put their experience to work for you and your company.