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A Reputation Transformed and Direct Selling’s Future: Implementation of the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council

DSA is moving the bar for an ethical marketplace in the industry. Beginning in 2019, Working with Council of Better Business Bureaus, the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council will serve as a third party self-regulation body for all direct selling companies. Key tenets of the program will be application of standards in the areas of income representations and product claims made by companies and their salespeople regardless of DSA membership. Key executives responsible for developing and implementing this program will speak to the structure, standards and approach to become a premier self-regulatory body.

Independent Contractor Status: Direct Selling’s Lynchpin Issue, and Where we Stand Amidst the Gig Economy Disruptors

Independent contractor status is vital to the direct selling industry. Recently several important legal decisions have challenged long-held standards. Hear about those settled and pending cases that will impact your company and salesforce. Legal experts provide updates on federal and state cases impacting the status of direct sellers as well as administrative actions that could affect the status of our salesforce.

Practical Implications Working with an Independent Contractor Salesforce

Keeping updated on the status of independent contractor law is important, but how do those legal decisions really apply to your company? Attorneys dive into the practical implications of legal guidance and other issues specific to direct selling and our companies’ interactions with the salesforce. Topics will include contracting clauses, proselytizing, and non-compete agreements.

Update of Actions by the Federal Trade Commission

Legal experts discuss recent trends by the Federal Trade Commission and their impact on direct selling companies, including recent enforcement actions and the January 2018 Business Guidance concerning Multi-Level Marketing Companies. Panelists will also share their thoughts on the newly installed  FTC Commissioners and any changes companies may see in their business by the new Commission.