Salesforce Development in an Increasingly Competitive Economy

Join DSA Industry Research Committee members as they present key findings from two new studies: DSA’s 2018 National Salesforce Study and Evolving Marketplace Study on Salesforce Development. This new research will provide you with actionable insights into the following:

  1. The Socioeconomic Environment: Recap of external trends that compete with direct selling
  2. Salesforce Demographics: Better understand who direct sellers are today and how they’ve changed since the last salesforce study in 2016
  3. The 3 life stages of an independent representative:
    1. Enrollment: Improve your company recruitment messaging during a time of full employment to compete for sellers in the gig economy
    2. Selling and Sponsoring: Better understand what motivates representatives to join and stay involved in direct selling and how you can tailor your distributor programs to meet the specific needs of the salesforce
    3. Renewal:   Focus on metrics and programs that drive retention
  4. Segmentation – A Sneak Preview
  5. Key takeaways & insights