Building a Brand that Engages Customers in the Wild New World of Marketing

Conventional marketing strategies are built upon predictability, stability and the comfort in knowing that we can “understand” our customer yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We love to put people into categories, often into super-neat dichotomies – and call it a day.

But now many of these categories are crumbling: today’s customer is part of the “postmodern” era that rejects traditional boundaries and labels, and direct selling marketers and distributors need to get in front of these changes.

This session – led by a thought-leader who literally wrote the book on understanding consumers – will help you get inside your customers’ heads so you can anticipate and satisfy their deepest and most pressing needs – today and tomorrow.  Explore what it means to tear down long-standing walls that separate you from your customers, including:

  • Me vs. We
  • Offline vs. Online
  • Producer vs. Consumer
  • Work vs. Play
  • Body vs. Things